The bedroom’s gaze of glass fixes
             on the Walthamstow view half a million
gets you these days       blown clouds are blown in furls
like sails, and red as embers        behind them are intense
       shinings of unendurable sunrise.

Terraced houses, thickly sliced properties
         are beginning to be lit in window-pocks
sewage is pouring down drains     drinkable water
shuts off/on in clever taps     power, high-voltage, 
murmurs in fridges       toasts food   steams furiously
but is controlled, in radiators, kettles

             Walthamstow schools
are becoming so yummy!    (Shops aren’t so
dirt-cheap off-putting either)    End-of-school-year
performance tickets        start costing lots more
Clever children throw their soot-          black shadows
against white screens

                it means something the old won’t
live to see       the watching media spotters will enable
future times to have new meanings         replacing 
those old intentions       champagne socialists had, getting
       much richer because they’re better at
discovering diamonds they’ve brought into     E17(along with
their furniture and kids)

previous tickets were cheap so said        don’t sweat
yourself with travelling this far        there’s nothing much
to watch, nothing to justify         20 minutes cramming in
the rush hour

           these days at nightfall      white clusters of explosives 
are starring darkness to the West         immemorial marshes sink
beneath more dark redness    sun’s setting      brimming tanks
of Living Waters reflect      sensible business proposals
thirsts go unslaked forever       are unslakable.

first published in OWP 2015